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Viva La Vie Boheme...

I thought I had a point in posting this morning, but I guess I dont.  Things are uber good right now for the most part.  The only bad things:  I havent finished my summer reading for AP English 4 and my family is still whacked out.  *shrugs*  Its ok though because I have come to accept that; plus I have the most WONDERFUL type of friend who is there for me all of the time and who loves me.  ^_^  

Well, I need to get ready to go.  I am going to Ambers to work on Dani's scrapbook and then we are all going to Princys for Danis going away party.  After the party, Amber, Dani and I are going BACK to Ambers for Danis birthday.  It should be hectic and wonderful! <3
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