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It's not all Lace and Frills

29 September
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Ask and I will tell
andy warhol, anger, anne rice, apocalyptica, art, bdsm, bjork, black, blood, bob dylan, bob marley, body modifications, body paint, bondage, bones, books, candles, cats, celtic, celts, chains, club kids, coldplay, cradle of filth, cutting, david bowie, dead can dance, donnie darko, dungeons, edgar allan poe, emily dickinson, emotions, evanescence, fae, fear, fetish, fiddle music, fishnets, flower power, foreign films, freakshows, gay rights, ghosts, goth, gothic, graveyards, hair dye, handcuffs, harry potter, hate, haunted, herbal tea, herbs, horror movies, incense, insomnia, jack off jill, jefferson airplane, jimi hendrix, labyrinth, lacuna coil, led zeppelin, literature, living dead, madness, manowar, marilyn manson, mental illness, metallica, monsters, morbid, morgues, morticians, mother earth, music, musicals, my chemical romance, mythology, nature, night, nine inch nails, nirvana, old horror movies, orgy, ozzy ozbourne, padded walls, paranormal, party monster, patchouli, peace, personal demons, phantom of the opera, piercings, pink floyd, placebo, poetry, radiohead, reading, reggae, rock n’ roll, salvador dali, serial killers, shakespeare, sketching, smashing pumpkins, straight jackets, suicide, system of a down, tattoos, temporary hair colour, the beatles, the crow, the cure, the doors, the white stripes, the who, tie dye, tool, type o negative, unloved, unusual, vampires, velvet underground, ville valo, vintage, wednesday 13, weird, werewolves, wonderland, woodstock, writing, yoga