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*le sigh*

The parents have decided, since I am going to Amber's again tonight, to leave me all alone until I leave the house.  They have errands to run and then they are taking my little sisters to see the Disney/Pixar film Cars.  I am sort of ticked that they are comfortable with leaving me here while they go out and spend money on useless shit while there are important things I need that they could buy instead.  Maybe I am selfish?  Amber has told me a million times that I am not, but I still feel like it.  There is one thing about being here alone though- I can listen to any album I want as loud as I want without asking them.  So right now I am digging on the The Cure "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me".  I love it.

It is only Monday and I am already feeling the week tugging on me.  This has been the longest summer so far and it seems like it is never going to end.  I cant make myself read Emma or The Metamorphosis.  Each time I sit down to engage myself in dull reading of Emma, someone feels like it is time to knock on the door and bother me.  I mean, thank you for waning to save me from Jane Austen's grips, but I NEED to read it before August rolls around because now I also need to read The Jungle.  So my summer reading has expanded a little and I fully intend on reading it all ON TOP of things I want to read.  I have 3 Patricia Cornwell novels right now that I need to read and 3 poetry books that I need to browse through to find things for Oral Interpretation.

Last night I actually put a tune to one of my original songs.  I dont like it that much, but it works.  I will practice on it and see if I can get better.  There are so many things I still need to take pictures of and post that it isnt funny.  I will get to it eventually.  Well, I think I will call Amber and see when she wants me to come over or see if she wants to come hang out here for a while.  

Much loves
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