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Some prose?

Her skin smelled of fresh basil and warm sun with a small hint of salt water. The room around her was warm and she nonchalantly wrote on a piece of crinkled paper. Black ink ran smoothly despite the creased indentions and small rips.
Dear world,
            You are better off without me. I have only made mistakes so far and nothing ever goes as planned when I am around. Take my things, cherish them. Find my writings; they are in the bottom drawer of my dresser, under the box of photos from my senior year in high school. Read all of them, they date back to middle school when I first realized I was a mess. My poems and journals will lead you to understand all of my feelings, decisions, and you will know how and why I came to this final decision. Do not cry for me because now I am in a happier place. I wish you all the best.
She folded the paper and looked at it. It was a short and simple piece, but it was the ultimate key to her life. She got up from the desk and slipped 6 Advil and a razor into the folded letter, opened the bottom drawer of her dresser, removed the growing box of senior year photos and slipped the letter in with her other works.
“Maybe some other time, when things get worse, I will need you. Until then, my painful yet loving friend…”
She put everything back and went on with her life.
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